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Garden machinery industry development status
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Garden machinery and equipment development for nearly a century of history. The early 20th century, Western countries have begun to be used in landscaping garden machinery. After the 1950s, a variety of special machinery began to have landscaping available, such as tree planting machines, lawn mowers, garden tractors, garden machinery began to enter rapid development period. After the 1980s, developed countries in Europe and America, with the further economic development, people''s living standards and further improve the housing conditions, small garden machinery and equipment entered the home, a family of essential equipment, especially lawn mowers and related equipment in the United States, Canada and other countries of the middle class families has been popular. To the 20th century, most cities around the world from a public green space to garden construction and maintenance of green space has been fully mechanized operations
The development of our garden machinery and equipment beginning in the late 1970s, the 1990s began to enter a period of rapid growth, the main signs are: in addition to garden machinery factory, forestry machinery and equipment machinery plant garden outside, a group of stronger the machinery plant, machine tool plant began production of different varieties of garden machinery, garden machinery has started some small export abroad. Advanced garden machinery and equipment imports increased significantly. Britain, Germany, Sweden, Japan and other countries a number of large companies have entered the domestic market garden machinery, garden machinery and equipment distribution companies at home and abroad in large numbers, the scale is growing, and has formed a nationwide distribution network. Large garden project significantly improved the proportion of mechanized operations, a group of mechanized construction teams have emerged. Garden machinery enterprises entered the courtyard and residential district. But the whole: the domestic varieties of garden machinery and equipment is still relatively simple, performance, quality and manufacturing standards are still relatively backward compared with the big gap between developed countries, the proportion of domestic garden machinery operations is also small, with well-developed State the overall degree of mechanization, the gap is very obvious. Overall domestic garden machinery industry is still in early stages of development.
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