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Mower maintenance and troubleshooting
News > Text
Mower maintenance
1 mower engine oil maintenance  
Mower before each use, check the engine oil should oil, the oil gauge to see if it is between the upper and lower scale. Five hours after the new machine should be replaced with oil, use 10 hours after the oil should be replaced once again, the requirements according to the instructions after the oil changed regularly. Change the engine oil should be carried out in heat state. Filling oil can not be too much, otherwise it will appear: smoke big, underpowered (too much coke cylinder, spark plug gap is small). Engine overheating and so on. Filling oil can not be too small, it will be now: the engine gear noise, accelerate wear and piston ring damage. Even now Lava phenomenon, resulting in serious engine damage.
(2) mower''s air filter maintenance   
Before and after each use check the air filter is dirty should be frequently changes the wash. If dirty can cause the engine hard to start, big smoke, lack of motivation. If the filter element is paper, can remove the filter, dust off the attached dust on it; if the filter is a sponge, clean fuel available, the appropriate drop some oil on the filter, the filter moist state, is more conducive to attract dust.
3 mower maintenance of the radiator  
Muffler main function is to the radiator, cooling. When the mower work, play flying grass clippings will be attached to the radiator, the impact of the cooling function, the cylinder will cause serious phenomenon, damage to the engine, so the mower after each use, carefully clean the radiator to the debris.
Common failures and troubleshooting lawn mower
1 mower engine is not running smoothly because:   
At the maximum throttle position, throttle in the open; spark plug wire loose; water and dirt into the fuel system; air filter is dirty; improper carburetor adjustment; engine screw loose: the engine crankshaft bending. Remedy: cut the throttle switch: press the spark plug outside prison; cleaning the tank, re-enter the clean fuel; cleaning the air filter or replace the filter; re-tune the carburetor; turn off the engine after the inspection screw: correction or replacement of the crankshaft axis.
2 mower engine can not turn off the reasons:   
Throttle cable is installed on the engine proper; throttle cable break; throttle activity insensitive; stall line can not touch. Remedy: Re-install the throttle cable; replacement of the throttle cable; activities to the throttle position drip a small amount of oil; check or replace the stall line.
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