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Garden machinery use and maintenance of common sense
News > Text
Garden machinery in use there will be many users of problems, mainly toUnder several aspects.
1, four-stroke gasoline engine fuel as a clean fuel (# 90 above), four-stroke engine oil lubricants for the SAE30. New machine running idle 2 hours, heat oil changes before normal use. Normal use 30 hours or so total replacement of an oil. Before and after each use check the oil level.
2, four-stroke air-cooled gasoline engine continuously, the crankcase temperature can not exceed 90 degrees, overheating shut down after 15-20 minutes to work. Fuel filler must be carried out in the cold state machine. Cold confidential at low speed 3 minutes before normal use, no long grass, do not use the maximum throttle.
3, the gasoline engine will not overdrive. Except for emergency situations, should be shut down in the low state.
4, the oil should be correct, genuine, clean gasoline to clean, fresh. 5, non-professionals shall not adjust the carburetor. Must be adjusted, generally the oil needle gently tighten clockwise, then counter-clockwise twist 1.5-1.75 weeks.
6, the air cleaner element should always check with soapy water or periodic replacement.
7, 100-300 gasoline engine operating hours after application of wood or bamboo remove coke once. Remove the cylinder head cleared, remove the cylinder, cylinder head, piston, valve, etc. attached to the carbon. Carbon into the cylinder bore and the valve may not seat.
8, especially cylinder gasoline engine to keep the heat sink clean.
9, refueling, inspection, repair, maintenance, to disconnect the spark plug cap, not to smoke, away from open flame.
10, do not operate in the room. In addition to the operator when the machine work, the related personnel leave the machine more than 15 meters.
11, before and after each inspection machine parts and other parts of the bolt tightness.
12, a clutch, the machine is not exposed in the clutch installed and before the start gasoline engine.
13, other lubricating machine parts, according to the need to follow the instructions to add oil or grease on a regular basis.
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