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Routine maintenance and repair lawn mowers
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Lawn mower is a garden machinery in one of the indispensable machinery, lawn mower maintenance of normal use and extend its life. Lawn mowers now the basic composition and daily use and maintenance are described below:
l, the composition of the lawn mowerIt consists of the engine (or motor), shell, blades, wheels, handrails and other control components.
2, the classification of lawn mower
(1) The power can be divided into: gasoline-powered lawn mower engines to electric-powered electric lawn mower and non-powered lawn mower.
(2) the walk can be divided into: self-propelled mower, non-self-propelled push mower and mount mower.
(3) set by mowing when the grass can be divided into: set straw bags and side discharge mower grass mower.
(4) the number of blades can be divided into: single-blade mower, mowers, and pole combination mower blade.
(5) by mowing blades can be divided into: hob and rotary mower blade mower. Commonly used for engine mower, straw mower set, single-pole-type and rotary type mower blade type;
3, the use of lawn mower
Mower before each use, you must first clear the mowing area of ​​debris. Check the mower engine oil side, gasoline, air filter, screw the elastic, the elastic blade and the sharpness. First or cooler state, first close the damper, more than three times the weight of oiler hit the throttle to maximum, open the throttle after launch. In the mowing, if the grass is too long, cut should be phased in stages, each time only one-third of the total length of the grass cut, the purpose is to avoid mowing grass after yellow; if the grass area is too steep; should Longitudinal mowing; if the slope exceeds 30 degrees, it is best not to push mowers and hand mowers bear the general use; if the lawn area is too large, lawn mower continuous preferably not more than four hours.
4, the lawn mower after use to protect first of all, clean it all: Next, check all the screws, oil, oil, air filter, blade or without defects, etc., again, for the lawn mower''''s life, strengthen the inspection or replacement of wearing parts. Periodic maintenance is more important.
(1) the maintenance of oilLawn mowers before each use must check the engine oil oil, oil gauge to see if in the middle. The first five hours should be changed every oil should be changed every 10 hours after oil, oil frequently changes according to the situation later. For oil in the heat in the engine when the state, so as to completely replace the old oil. If too much oil will be: launch difficult, or smoke particularly large, or small power (too much coke cylinder, spark plug gap is small), or excessive engine heat. If the oil is too small there will be: big or damage the engine sound gear, or co-plug ring wear and damage, or there Lava phenomenon, resulting in serious engine damage. It is very important to the maintenance of oil.
(2) the maintenance mower air filter before every use and after use to check if dirty, should be frequently changes and wash: if dirty will cause the engine hard to start, big smoke, small power and so on.(3) the maintenance mower carburetor and oilEach time you add fuel filter should be called the filter, and can not be put in the tank for a long time, the application of carburetor carburetor cleaning special cleaning agents, cleaning cycle depending on the degree to be dirty carburetor. If the carburetor fails, the engine can not start or turn off immediately after launch, it should be cleaned.
5, lawn mower troubleshooting common
(1) lawn mower engine can not startReason: No gasoline; spark plug wire off; throttle switch is not in the starting position; oil barrier; ignition dislocation; spark plug damage. Remedy: Add gasoline; connected to the spark plug wire; the door switch is withered to the maximum pumping: pumping clean way; more positive ignition of the time; replaced with new spark plugs.
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