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Garden machinery industry trends
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nto the 2l century, the country. Inside and outside the garden machinery industry will further accelerate the development of the domestic landscape will also work quickly to achieve the overall mechanization, mechanization level in developed countries will be further developed to a higher level. Future period, the development of domestic garden machinery and equipment will show the following aspects of the trend.
First, continue to vigorously develop new products, garden machinery and equipment to automatic operation, comfort-oriented development
Western developed countries in the 1980s, when the mower into the family compound, is a pedestrian-oriented implementation of the product type, to the 1990s, walking self-propelled mower has been gradually replaced by the walk-type mowing the implementation of machine, although no manipulation of the implementation of wheel walking mowers are cheap, but very few people in the United States and Europe have been interested. In the 21st century, small riding mowers began to manipulate the horse gradually replace the walk-propelled mower. In particular, to achieve zero turning radius, maneuverability is very good, to a multi-purpose fully hydraulic lawn tractors come out, it has been widely welcomed by the majority of users is expected in the near future, there will be more automated, more comfortable operation lawn machinery appear. Domestic production of the current lawn mower still walk the implementation of type-based, in developed countries is the level of the 1980s, is already out of products in foreign countries. We should study and track the development of Western countries, the history of garden machinery, drawing on their experience and lessons learned, and to reduce the level of Western countries, the gap in the product.
Second, the positive development of garden machinery, a machine and machine joint operation    A machine and the concept of co-operation of both machines is different for different purposes for different objects. A machine is a machine that can work with multiple devices or accessories, switch to a different device can perform different operations, in order to improve machine utilization. Co-operation machine is a machine working on a variety of devices can be installed, but need to complete a number of continuous operations in order to improve the machine''''''''s operating efficiency and labor productivity. A machine is mainly for home or small enterprises as well as general garden park, because of their relatively small scale of operation, the total would like to spend as little as possible to complete all of the mechanical variety of jobs. Therefore, when the introduction of a CRArISMAN with 10 kinds of attachments, with the main equipment for the lawn mower tractor unit, the popular American family has a large courtyard welcome, because it can carry almost all of the lawn maintenance operations and other operations in the courtyard. Co-operation machine is mainly for large landscaping projects, commercial green space, urban management, conservation districts landscaping business, professional mechanical construction and maintenance companies. They operate a large scale, the pursuit of efficiency and speed.
Third, great efforts to improve the environmental performance of garden machinery and equipment    The 21st century is the century more attention to environmental protection, and now people''''''''s environmental awareness has been greatly improved. National environmental laws and regulations have become increasingly comprehensive, open-air operations in the city for the main garden machinery and equipment in environmental protection requirements have become more stringent. For example, many U.S. states had their own legislation to require that all machines must meet certain emission standards and noise to enter the area. Therefore, many large garden machinery and equipment manufacturing companies have taken or are taking measures to develop and produce clean, pollution-free and even "green" garden machinery products. Previously in a small garden machinery commonly used two-stroke gasoline engine, although its structure is simple, specific gravity, but because of high noise, emissions pollution, with the exception of a small hand-held machine, but in a small garden machinery, such as mowing the manipulation of walking machines, etc., have gradually been replaced by four-stroke gasoline engine, a new generation of low noise, small gasoline engine pollution has begun to put on the market. Even the hand-held garden machinery (brush mower), such as hand-held hedge trimmers, etc., and the second stroke gasoline engine has been replaced by a small motor trend. Mechanical products, environmental performance evaluation will become an important indicator of its quality. Fourth, to further improve the safety of garden machinery and equipment    Security has three aspects: First, the safety of the machine itself, to prevent mechanical failure or accidental damage; the second is the safety of the operator to prevent operator injury to the operations; third on the surrounding population security, to prevent mechanical injury to others in the operation. These three aspects are important, especially for people hurt on the mechanical and other problems than the issue of harm is more important. BOLENS lawn tractor and other companies in the launch of the electronic interlocking system between the components, tractor parts to make the work more co-ordination between. Engine starting system is the electronic safety interlock systems in the world, if the tractor is not in the disengaged state of cutting devices, or transmission lever not in neutral position, or the brakes do not brake, as long as one has a set up, the engine are unable to start, and this allows the operator and others to avoid many accidents, personal injury accident. These safety devices will in the future garden machinery and equipment on the application of a variety of products is more diverse, better and more effective.
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