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Knowledge of garden tools
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Classified according to use cases, garden tools including garden tools and garden tools.
By using object classification, can also be divided into household tools and professional tools.
Power according to different categories and electric engines are divided into classes, classes with 2-stroke engine or 4-stroke engine, Honda''s high-end products or BS preferred; subdivided into AC Electric class class class and DC.
Garden tools: garden scissors, flower tools (garden flowers with a small set of flowers with). Garden scissors main products are high sticks scissors, cut the whole hedge (hedge shears), pruning shears (pruning shears, pruning shears), the use of scissors, picking scissors, scissors cut flowers, grass cutting, etc.; garden tool set of sets of flowers (garden flowers with a small set of flowers with) including flowers shovel, shovel flowers, flower rake, hoe to spend, spend forks, etc., there are two specific hoe (hoe take two), flat hoe, flat rake, hoe tridentate spend, spend three teeth rake, hoe rake, hoe ho, big flower shovel, flowers shovel, shovel the words spend, spend word fork, rake, etc. spend six teeth.
There are garden equipment: lawn mowers, brush mowers, hedge trimmers, chain saws, pumps, drilling machines, drafting paper machine, machine to fight drugs and sections of garden tools.
With the country in recent years urban development, urban greening has become a big industry, the daily maintenance will rely on these tools. See most of our daily gasoline-powered garden tools such as lawn mowers, pruning shears, Grass Trimmer, trimmer, brush cutter, etc.
Household tools in the domestic market is not common, although mostly in domestic production, but are mostly exported to European markets.
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