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Chain saw use troubleshooting
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1, chain saw air filter capable of filtering dust and sawdust and other foreign matter to prevent foreign matter into the cylinder, causing the cylinder bad accident. When the flame fuel oil saw there, unable to work, failure of the engine overheating, it may be too dirty air filter needs repair and maintenance. Air filters should be checked before work, clean the air filter aligned qualified solar observation, should be thorough, bright, the air filter on the failure of wood covered with slag, dust, stroking thick hard feelings, then wash with hot soapy water , dry, clean, light, soft air filter, only to ensure that chain saw work.
2, the correct mixing ratio of oil imports saw the use of fuel oil 90 # (93 #), petrol and 2T oil at 20:1 ratio of solvent volume ratio, too much oil will cause difficulty in starting, big smoke at work , Too much oil will cause incomplete combustion, resulting in excessive carbon deposition, resulting in the engine cylinder, so the mixing ratio of oil to be reasonable, not to too much oil is better.
3, chain saw saw chain saw chain oil precautions for the saw chain oil and wood cutting process, to provide lubrication and to reduce the saw chain saws and chain saw guide plate friction heat, the formation of the chain saw guide plate protection. In the work, should check whether the chain saw chain oil filling, after boot, chain saw oil should be thrown, thrown oil on the ground before work, the lack of chain saw chain saw chain oil will be the work of the high-temperature annealing , resulting in premature chain saw saw chain to be scrapped. Specific performance work easily blunt teeth, the short term has been stretched, or even breaking.
4, chain saw chain saw chain saw use and maintenance before use, the oil should be thrown in the chain before work, after work in the oil should bubble bowl. In the course of cutting debris should be noted that changes in the teeth blunt not sharp, the application-specific rasp of the zigzag chain gear to repair, to ensure sharp serrated, the correct method of repair are: direction of setbacks along the gear tooth, can only move the direction of tooth fell tooth, not pull back, file with the chain saw saw chain angle of 30 degrees, the angle over the General Assembly to make a more blunt chain saw chain saws, angle is too small, resulting in chain saw chain saws are not durable, not sharp The chain saw saw chain will increase the burden on the engine, resulting in char, rather than cut, clip saw, chain saw guide for adverse effects.
5, the chain saw guide plate of normal use and maintenance work to ensure sufficient chain oil, after work deal with the chain saw guide for maintenance. The first chain saw guide plate to clear the roots into the hole of debris, and remove the guide slot into the hole to ensure the smooth. Head of the guide should also check for sawdust, dust and other debris, and drip a small amount of oil in the guide head. At work, should ensure that the sharp saw chain saws, chain saws can not use blunt, but not pressure saws, pressure saw guides will cause the operating point of friction, char, rather than the chain saw guide, degradation, and the sharp saw chain sufficient chain oil lubrication can increase the life of guides. Chain saw guide in the use of non-positive and negative, can be consciously flipped chain saw guide plate so that the chain saw guide plate on both sides are fully utilized, can increase the chain saw guide of life.
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